Ensuring the delivery of energy across the nation

Through a combination of infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, collaboration and expertise, System Operations consider every aspect when safely supplying energy. The team of engineers, analysts and innovations specialists work together with industry experts to balance demand with supply and make sure the network runs efficiently and effectively. But it’s not just about meeting the demands of today, System Operations always have one eye on tomorrow’s energy demands as we work hard to find sustainable solutions for the future.

Electricity System Operator

National grid Electricity System Operator (ESO), a legally separate business within the National Grid Group, is the electricity system operator for Great Britain. The ESO moves electricity around the system to keep homes and businesses supplied with the energy they need 24/7.

In addition to balancing the system second-by-second to make sure supply always meets demand, the ESO is planning for the future too. Its ambition is to be able to operate a zero carbon electricity system by 2025, which will be crucial in helping the UK meet its wider zero carbon target.

New jobs to boost our zero carbon ambition

ESO are creating 200 jobs this year to help lead the transition towards a zero-carbon electricity grid.

The new colleagues are being recruited throughout 2021 and, after COVID restrictions have been eased, will be based at either our Head Office in Warwick or our electricity control centre in Berkshire.

The new engineers, analysts and digital and commercial roles will help us to balance electricity demand with supply and make sure the network runs efficiently and effectively – as well as help to shape the future of the energy market, providing analysis and insight to accommodate new technologies and ways of working.

The ESO is a legally separate part of the National Grid Group,  helping to build a greener, net zero future for Great Britain. Our colleagues are enabling the transition away from fossil fuels to cleaner power and have overseen recent major milestones, including zero carbon electricity overtaking fossil fuels for the first time in 2019 and a record period of electricity generation without burning coal in Summer 2020.

Network Development Engineer

As a Network Development Engineer in the Technical Economic Assessment team you will join a team at the centre of the design and development of the future electricity transmission system.

Data Quality & Governance Lead

Data is one of our most important assets. As we decarbonise the energy system and generation becomes increasingly decentralised, we need to harness and analyse an ever-increasing amount of data that flows faster than ever-before to continue to do our job.

Product Owner

Lead the development and implementation of defined systems that will; enhance the user experience of doing business with the Electricity System Operator (ESO) across all of our products and services through a “Digital Engagement Platform”; and in becoming a better buyer of balancing services through a “Single Markets Platform”. 

Consumer Strategy Manager

Develop and deliver the ESO’s consumer strategy, enabling the ESO to champion the consumer across the energy industry and empowering consumer understanding of the energy transition. You will also provide leadership and line management to the consumer strategy team.


Data Scientist, Fraser MacMillan, shares why he became an engineer and what excites and inspires him about the future.


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ESO data gets the Green Light

Data from our Carbon Intensity website is being used to power a new initiative which sees smart light bulbs turning green when electricity is supplied by clean or green sources. 

Find out more about the green light bulbs and download our free Carbon Intensity app here 

What’s in it for you?

Keeping the energy flowing to millions of homes and businesses is an incredibly important job. Britain’s network must function efficiently 24/7, 365 days a year, without fail. So it’s a big responsibility that falls on our shoulders. But that will be something that excites you. We’re working with new sources of energy generation like wind and solar power while investing heavily in the latest technologies. You’ll relish the opportunity to play a major part in all of our futures.