Safety is paramount

Safety, Sustainability & Resilience (SSR) play a central role in providing the world-class skills, disciplines and expertise to make National Grid a beacon of best practice. We focus on: UK Safety, Process Safety, Business Resilience and Continuity, Sustainability and Climate Change.

What we do

Over the past 20 years National Grid has become a world leader in safety, sustainability and resilience. Our passion for driving safety behaviors through innovative initiatives ensures the wellbeing of our people and the longevity of our service. 

We’re working with our external partners to better represent our commitment to sustainability and climate change. Our world is changing and as an energy supplier, we must keep ahead of the curve to futureproof our business and protect future generations. The environment is something that we always consider as we strive to maintain a solid, safe and resilient foundation. 

What’s in it for you?

National Grid’s achievements to date have enriched our reputation and we are now viewed as a leader in safety, wellbeing, safeguarding of the environment and business resilience. We will continue to find new and better ways, improving productivity and efficiency.