Delivering the right services to the right people

Home to a diverse and exciting portfolio of energy businesses, Ventures work tirelessly to deliver competitive products and services for a whole host of different customers. Ranging from the long-distance transport of renewable energy, to the roll out of smart meters, Ventures are committed to building the energy systems of tomorrow by bringing innovative technology to homes and businesses across the nation. 

What we do

The role of Ventures is to develop growth opportunities in competitive markets across the UK and the US, while continuing to support National Grid’s regulated core business. By combining our commercial expertise with visionary technology we deliver the affordable energy our customers want and the flexible energy systems our industry needs.

Along with existing partnerships and joint ventures, National Grid Ventures has a great platform from which to turn challenges into opportunities, supporting the future growth and success of National Grid. Operating in competitive markets, NGV businesses will deliver flexible, reliable and innovative solutions to meet the changing demands of more connected customers. 

We will create value for our customers (and investors) by anticipating what customers want, reducing the costs of energy delivery today, and pioneering flexible energy systems for tomorrow.

What’s in it for you?

Innovation, passion and technology are what drive us. We encourage our people to take a fresh approach to finding solutions for our customers and are constantly looking for ways to improve our offering. Join Ventures and you’ll have the opportunity to explore new technologies, processes and alternative energy sources that protect our business and ensure our continued competitiveness.