Owning and maintaining the high pressure gas network across the nation.

The National Transmission System (NTS) is made up of around 7,660km of pipeline, 23 compressor sites, two gas terminals (both COMAH sites) and over 350 above ground installations (AGIs). Consisting of over 800 employees spread across England, Scotland and Wales, as well as field teams who are geographically or project based, our employees are passionate about the safe, reliable and efficient management of our gas assets.

FutureGrid: exploring hydrogen as a fuel of the future

The FutureGrid Programme aims to demonstrate how we can re-purpose our existing National Grid Transmission System to enable it to transport hydrogen. This is one route that we are exploring to help achieve our commitment to reaching Net Zero by 2050. With the need to consider how we deliver low carbon energy reliably and safely to all our customers, we're looking for people with the right knowledge and experience in this area.

What we do

Consisting of a whole host of different teams, NTS cover an array of services related to the safe transmission of gas across the nation. 


Operations are responsible for the efficient delivery of work on the National Transmission System ensuring safety and reliability whilst delivering value for money by focusing on core activities, driving increased productivity and process improvements.

Delivery Services

Delivery Services provide a variety of services across the Gas Transmission and distribution networks which include Emergency Response, Aerial Survey with helicopter fleet, line walking, specialist flow stopping as well as a range of niche engineering capabilities to the gas and pipeline industry.

Network Engineering

Network Engineering are the asset owners of the Gas National Transmission System. From providing technical advice to ensuring quality, they have a unique understanding of the energy requirements of the nation.

Asset Assurance

Safety Engineering ensures GTO’s compliance with safety regulations and is also responsible for the suite of Formal Process Safety Assessments for new and motivation projects. The team provides advice and expertise on a range of maters including pipeline risk assessment, hazardous area classification; emergency preparedness, alarm management and human factors analysis.

Business Support Operations

BSO provides central services to the wider business. From managing the high value service contracts, to ensuring affordability limits, they’re the team who provide management information that keeps our business moving.

Investment Assurance

The Investment Management Team focuses on delivering schemes to time cost and quality. They’re responsible for providing specialised scheme management for GTO by identifying the best investment option and driving value through the delivery of the chosen solution.

Business Change & Optimisation

BCO performs three roles through managing our processes, improvement projects and Project Management Office by ensuring focus on delivering the GTO ambition through transformation.

What’s in it for you?

This is a great time to be talking about the future of gas. It’s a familiar source of energy for all of us, and we must make best use of the gas network in times of huge change across the energy sector. This is your opportunity to embark on this exciting new era as we embrace new technologies and methods of working to continue to provide for the nation.