What is Finance?

Numbers underpin everything we do at National Grid. Scrutinised, analysed and interpreted, they help us understand where we are and where we’re going. It’s about being responsive, reliable and easy to deal with for our customers. This is why our Finance function is so important. We ensure the right business decisions are made time and again.

What we do

Controlling the purse strings means taking on an immense level of responsibility. Finance are the valued advisor, providing accurate and timely information that is integral to all key investment, operational and strategic decisions. This helps National Grid play a vital role in connecting millions of people, homes and businesses to the energy they need. We do this efficiently at the lowest cost for our customers and the greatest return for our shareholders.

What we’re looking for

You’ll need to be a qualified accountant with proven management experience and a background of influencing business agendas to join our management team. It’s not important where you’ve come from but you’ll have a strong grasp of the sector and experience implementing changes and making improvements. 

If you’re looking to join us at a staff level, you’ll either be qualified or part qualified and studying. Focused on a particular business area you will be a specialist in your chosen role, delivering high quality information, advice and support as needed. You will have a comprehensive development plan, ensuring you can reach your full potential, as well as a support network through your peers, team and leadership.

What’s in it for you?

As valued advisors, our guidance and support is sought on a daily basis, Finance is at the heart of National Grid, uniquely placed to drive the future. As a forward looking, dynamic function we need individuals willing to contribute to the continued delivery of sustainable energy at an affordable price. You could put your finance experience to use anywhere, but with the energy landscape changing so rapidly, there’s never been a more exciting time to join National Grid.