National Grid Electricity Transmission

National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET) is at the heart of energy in the UK. The electricity we provide gets the nation to work, powers schools and brings energy to life. Our energy network connects the nation, so it’s essential that it’s continually evolving, advancing and improving.

We're driving towards Net-Zero, we’re enabling the move to cleaner energy whilst ensuring we all have the electricity we rely on at an affordable cost. We’re actively striving to attract new talent from all backgrounds and recognise the value a diverse team can bring in supporting our journey to Net-Zero.

About us

The UK is on a path to reach net-zero by 2050. It’s a big ambition and we're committed to safeguarding our global environment for future generations and providing all our customers with the highest standards of service. This requires lots of talented and passionate people to make it happen.

Electricity Transmission consists of roughly 7,200km of overhead lines, 1,400km of underground cable and 335 substations. We’re the team responsible for executing network and asset policies that ensure electricity is constantly flowing around the network - safely, reliably and efficiently.


The electricity transmission network has a crucial part to play in the future energy mix, connecting new sources of energy to the people who use them.

So if you’re looking for a career with a purpose that will help the country tackle climate change, join us to enable the electricity system of tomorrow.

Cyber Security

National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET) is at the heart of clean energy in the UK. As an Operator of an Essential Service (OES) the electricity we provide gets the nation to work, powers schools, hospitals and brings energy to life. Our network connects increasingly green electricity generators to the nation, so it’s essential that we protect this service by strengthening the cyber resilience of our network.

We are passionate about both operating our network safely and providing highly reliable and resilient supply for our customers.  At the heart of achieving these outcomes is the effective control and operation of our network, and Cyber Security is central to our core mission. 

It’s a very exciting time to join the NGET Cyber Team and play a part in delivering electricity safely, reliably and efficiently to the customers and communities we serve – all while working towards a clean, green energy future.

Customer Connections

The decarbonisation of the energy and transport sectors have already begun. Our customer base continues to expand and change rapidly, presenting National Grid with new challenges to meet the UK’s Net Zero Targets. As the industry changes, your role will be at the heart of connecting renewables to the Grid and providing customers unparalleled service, whilst delivering green energy to people’s homes and businesses. You will be part of a large team, committed to securing Net Zero for the industry, working collaboratively with the industry to rise to the challenge ahead.

To meet the challenges ahead, we have realigned our business to make connecting to our network as easy as possible. Customer Connections is the customer-facing part of National Grid Electricity Transmission with end to end accountability for delivering connections (from initial discussion, through detailed design and into delivery), working closely with our customers every step of the way.

During this year alone, we will be investing millions to connect more sources of renewable energy and help the industry achieve Net Zero, and we need to make sure that we do that efficiently to deliver maximum value for our customers and consumers, whilst delivering with our supply chain in a safe and sustainable way.

Customer Connections are pivotal in facilitating the Net Zero agenda. We already have lots of incredibly talented people, and we are now looking to strengthen our teams further. Customer Connections can offer careers in Customer Management, Power System & Development Engineering, Quantity Surveyors and Project Management to name a few. See below a full list of the exciting opportunities which we currently have on offer, with more being posted shortly (watch this space).

New Infrastructure

New Infrastructure (NI) will be fully accountable for projects agreed through the Network Options Assessment (NOA) Process including optioneering, development and safe delivery of high-value, highly complex projects of significant interest to time and within allowances. Many of these projects will be associated with Development Consents Order (DCOs) or complex planning requirements which require a high level of stakeholder engagement.

As National Grid moves towards a more result-driven organisation, NI’s focus is on clear accountability for leadership, performance and ownership at the right level, and to ensure that the level set expectation is consistent across the ET organisation. In New Infrastructure we want to invest in individual’s capabilities in the pursuit of a department that can deliver highly complex projects irrespective of the phase of the project lifecycle, enabling greater development and transferability of talent both within NI and across ET thus providing richer and broader career experiences. New Infrastructure will be the home of Consents and External Affairs expertise across ET, balancing strategic external engagement, changes in policy and consistent implementation of Responsible Business objectives alongside demands of construction works.

Asset Operations

Everyone expects a light or kettle to work when you switch it on and for the electricity to be there. Asset Operations ensure the overhead lines, underground cables and our substations are well maintained to transport the electricity around the country. We respond to incidents 24/7 to ensure there are no blackouts.

We’re constantly reviewing our processes in an effort to provide the most effective and efficient service for everyone. The electricity market is changing and we’re working with new customers to connect their clean energy in the most efficient way possible.

As the energy sector continues to undergo a massive transformation, it’s essential for us to keep up with the pace, remain competitive and continue to deliver on our promise.

Environment and Sustainability

In the environment and sustainability team you will work with the wider electricity transmission business to push the boundaries and challenge the norm to deliver our work in the most sustainable way.

The Environmental Action Plan is at the heart of what we do and sets out our journey and milestones to achieving our 25 ambitious commitments. We recognise that the foundation to achieving our targets is sound and pro-active environmental management, underpinned by an ISO 14001 certified management system.

Business Integration and Operations (BIO)

We are the glue that provides the strategic alignment on critical change programmes and initiatives across Electricity Transmission, to enable the business to transform across T2. Whether that be through building high performing teams who have the right capability and development, to ensuring we have effective processes and system integration across digital and data insights.

Data and Systems Architecture, BIO

Our mission is to enable trusted data and connected systems that empower everyone in the business to make more informed decisions and manage risks better. We are a very driven, diverse team with different working styles and personalities. Having a great sense of humour, passion for the work that we do, and trust in each other is what unites us all.

Our team plays a big role in enabling the transition to Net Zero through digitalisation. To make sure digital transformation becomes a reality, it is important to ensure the basics are right.

As we are a newly formed team, over the last three months, we have held a variety of workshops to understand our focus areas, stakeholders, and how we can bring this all together.

Our work is varied, and includes (but is not limited to):

  • Embedding data culture across the organisation whilst establishing governance and framework around it
  • Building new technological capabilities using Data Management and Business Intelligence capabilities and tools, e.g. the Cloud Data Lake platform and De-centralised Analytics
  • Supporting production Delivery Performance dashboards
  • Monitoring system and data related health checks and compliance

Whilst our team activities may seem technical and ambiguous at times, stakeholder & customer engagement is critical in ensuring we meet our business targets, provide high-quality outputs and “make it happen”. When we think about the value that we bring to the business as a team, it can be described as ‘using the right data from the right systems for the right reasons in the right manner’ because then everyone is empowered to make more informed decisions and manage risks better.

Network Strategy and Operations (NSO)

The pathway to net-zero presents huge challenges and opportunities. Your role in Network Strategy and Operations (NSO) will be to help NGET navigate to deliver the network of the future. We are at the core of the NGET business. We design the future network; we work across the industry to develop innovative new solutions, codes and standards; and we operate our network in real-time from our control room, to provide world-class reliability to our customers, and safe access for our colleagues who build and maintain it.

What’s in it for you?

In Electricity Transmission you are joining a very large and successful part of the business that could be in the FTSE 25 in its own right. The scale of the business and the level of change in the industry means we have many exciting opportunities. People are the number one asset within Electricity Transmission and ensuring that we develop our people to meet their full potential is a high priority. We will help you to develop your chosen career path, providing the right level of support to ensure you are successful.