Property-managing National Grid’s occupied estate

The Corporate Property team is responsible for managing National Grid’s occupied estate (the offices and buildings owned by the company) and provides property management services. These include facilities management and repair and maintenance services to all areas of the business to ensure exacting safety, health and environment, and security standards are maintained across the portfolio. 

What we do

The National Grid Corporate Property team work closely with the supply chain to maintain standards and ensure value for money. This approach also enables stronger contract partner relationships to be established whilst providing greater service control. We look at things like security, building maintenance, portering, waste management and a whole host of other facilities to ensure efficiency and high standards are always met.

Our Projects

The Smart Workspace project started in 2010 to maximise space utilisation and improve sustainability. Smart Workspaces are designed to inspire us; to support us to collaborate and share knowledge. Modern technology is used to support our new working styles, such as multi-functional devices and WIFI. We are learning to make the most of the spaces we have and share workplace etiquettes. There are more meeting spaces and a variety of workspaces suitable for focusing on tasks, quiet concentration or team discussions.

What we’re looking for

We are looking for well-organised individuals capable of optimizing the use of space and equipment while reducing operating costs. Leadership abilities and excellent efficiency can really make you stand out. The aim is to ensure that our business’s portfolio is problem-free and safe so that employees can work under the best conditions.

What's in it for you?

If you enjoy responsibilities associated with property management and the coordination of the physical workplace with the people and work of an organisation, then a role within Corporate Property is ideal.

The key to success within this sector is to define each facility as a physical place where business activities are done, and to make plans in accordance with the needs and demands of those activities. Good property management is concerned with addressing those needs in the best and most cost-effective ways possible, encompassing a wide range of responsibilities.