Get a step ahead of the rest

Take command over your career with a year in industry at National Grid. Over 12 months, you'll have the chance to put into practice the skills you’ve been shaping at university in a cutting-edge work environment.

We’re looking for passionate, curious and driven individuals to help us drive our business forward over one eye-opening year. Over 12 months, you’ll develop personally, gain invaluable professional experience, and set the foundation for future success. With unrivalled training, on-the-job learning and a chance to land a place on our Graduate Programme, this could be the start of a remarkable career for the right individuals.


Engineering & Technical

The power behind the power

An internship in Engineering & Technical means playing a pivotal role in keeping energy flowing around the UK. Fresh ideas, enthusiasm and technical knowledge are what we’re searching for in the people tasked with keeping the lights on. If you’re an Engineering or STEM undergraduate this could be the perfect step to achieving your career ambitions.

Non-technical & Commercial

Keeping the wheels in motion

Satisfying energy demands is at the heart of our non-technical programmes. From constructing new tunnels and installing cabling as part of Capital Delivery, to making sure the network is fit for purpose as part of Gas Transmission Operations, your insight will direct our future – and your passion will ensure we’re ready for anything.

Business Support

Providing essential services

Whether joining us as part of Finance, Procurement or IT, you’ll play a vital role in keeping National Grid moving. Although not directly involved with the transmission of energy, your input will ensure we’re equipped and prepared for any eventuality, and your enthusiasm will safeguard our business for the future.

An Undergraduate Placement in Business Support means ensuring everyone at National Grid has everything they need to get the job done effectively and efficiently, time and again.

What we’re looking for

We want to be sure you enjoy a rich experience here at National Grid. Different routes require different qualities, but whatever department you join you should be collaborative, team-oriented, hungry to make an impact on the world and ready to work across the UK.

You’ll need to be business aware and knowledgeable about our industry as well as being enthusiastic and highly motivated to achieve. 

We’re looking for well-rounded individuals who can balance their academic skills with real enthusiasm and commitment. You’ll be in your penultimate year of study and excited by the opportunity to work across the UK.

You might have relevant work experience or perhaps you’ve volunteered for a local initiative. But ultimately, you’ll demonstrate to us an enthusiasm for your chosen function and be eager to learn the ropes from real experts. 

What routes can I take?

Now you know what’s involved, discover what different routes you can follow on the Undergraduate Industrial Placement.

Before you apply, find the specific requirements that you'll need for each of our programmes on the Undergraduate Requirements Sheet.

Expand below to find out more and click on the role titles to apply.

Business Support

Finance drives our financial performance through sound business insights. Engaging with all areas of the National Grid business, they play a key role in helping us make sound decisions.


Empowering National Grid in an increasingly fast-changing energy industry, by building and maintaining innovative, reliable and secure technology platforms. That’s the purpose of this global function.

Global Procurement

Global Procurement source £4.3 billion in goods and services each year to support our business. And, by doing that, they help us drive value, deliver innovation and improve our supply-chain performance. 

Non-technical & Commercial

Electricity Transmission, Junior Land Officer (Surveyor) - joining us as a Junior Land Officer, you’ll help us build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders so we can continue to operate, maintain and improve our networks across the UK. 

Technical & Engineering

Capital Delivery, Junior Quantity Surveyor – joining us as a Junior Quantity Surveyor, you’ll play an important role in helping our Project Delivery teams maintain our electric and gas network by managing our resources.

TSystem Operator & Electricity System Operator

Be responsible for the long-term strategy, planning and real-time operation of our gas and electricity networks in England and Wales – and make sure we always deliver a first-class service. 

What’s in it for you?

A year in industry is your opportunity to see if a career at National Grid is the right fit for you. If you enjoy your experience and impress us with your abilities, you could start your final year with a place on the Graduate Development Programme – a fantastic opportunity to build a career with endless opportunities.

Rewards and Benefits

  • Starting salary of £19,418 p.a.
  • 25 days holiday plus 8 bank holidays
  • A chance to land a place on our Graduate Development Programme depending on performance during the placement  
  • Invitation to join NewNet, our new starters network and employee resource group
  • Opportunity to work across the UK 
  • 3 days development training, close mentorship and regular feedback
  • Support and fund EngTech for desired institutions

Frequently asked questions

  • 1 When does the 12-month Industrial Placement start?

    Placements are scheduled to start yearly at the end of June, but this is subject to change. We’ll keep you updated regularly once you’ve been offered a place.

  • 2 What are the requirements for the roles?

    You’ll need to be in your penultimate year of university and acheiving a 2.2 or above. Requirements for specific roles can vary. Most of our Technical & Engineering roles require a STEM-subject degree.

  • 3 If my degree doesn’t meet the scheme’s minimum criteria, should I apply for the role?

    We’re looking for students who meet the minimum criteria but we do have lots of different roles on offer so be sure to check the details of what’s required in the ‘What we’re looking for’ section on this website - we hope you’ll find something for you.

  • 4 Can I apply for more than one placement?

    No, you can only apply for a 12 month Industrial Placement or a 12 week Summer Internship. However, if we feel that your skills and qualifications match another, we may contact you to see if you are interested.


  • 5 I have an international degree. Can I still apply?

    Of course! As long as the qualification is relevant for the role you’re very welcome to apply.

    However if you don't have the right permissions to work in the UK, we will be outlining on each role whether we are able to offer sponsorship or not.

Application process

Join us

We’re looking for fresh talent and innovative thinking. If you’re passionate about the future of energy and excited by the prospect of being part of a dynamic, inspiring team then you could be right for National Grid.

Here’s how to apply

  • Stage 1 Online Application

    Your application should take around one hour to complete, but you can save it and return to it later.

  • Stage 2 Online Ability Tests

    The next step is to complete our timed ability tests and a personality questionnaire.These have been designed to help us to get to know you and where you might fit in here a little better.

  • Stage 3 Telephone Interview

    If you’ve impressed us, you’ll be invited for a telephone interview. We’ll find out more about you, see what you know about the energy industry, and ask some competency questions.

  • Stage 4 Assessment Centre

    If you’re invited to attend one of our assessment centres, you’ll take part in an interview, group exercise and a presentation exercise where you can let your personality shine through. 

  • Stage 5 Decision

    We’ll make a decision as quickly as possible. If you’re successful, we’ll send you an offer letter confirming everything. If you’re unsuccessful, we will be able to provide feedback on your performance to help with your development.