18-month Graduate Opportunities

As a Graduate, your passion, insights, and enthusiasm will make you instrumental in safegaurding our business for the future.

Whatever role you join us in, whether it's Technical & Engineering, Non-Technical & Commercial or Business Support you'll play a crucial part in helping us define our network and futureproof our infrastructure.

Any one of the 18-month graduate programmes offer an oppotunity to network with other graduates, build relationships across the business, and watch your career grow.

What routes can I take?

Whatever your degree, our business is so varied we're likely to have something that suits your skills and aspirations.

From maintaining the National Electricity System, to making sure our network can supply gas to every corner of the country in an Engineering & Technical role.

Overseeing large-scale construction projects in Capital Delivery or shaping business strategy as part of National Grid Ventures in a Non-Technical & Commercial role.

Or join us in a Business Support role, although not directly involved with the transmission of energy, your input will ensure we're quipped and prepared.

Expand below to find out more.

Electricity System Operator (ESO)

As the ESO in Great Britain, we balance electricity supply and demand in real-time. Where we are and where we're going as a business is changing. We are thinking more holistically and longer-term to enhance network safety, reliability, and affordability.

National Grid Ventures (NGV)

NGV will develop growth opportunities in competitive markets across the UK and the US while continuing to support National Grid’s regulated core business. By combining commercial expertise with visionary technology and our adventurous thinking with new approaches, we will deliver our customers' affordable energy and the flexible energy systems our industry needs.

Capital Delivery

It couldn’t be more exciting to be part of Capital Delivery. With billions being invested in our electricity and gas transmission systems, Capital Delivery has the important job of delivering incredible, essential improvements over the coming years.

System Operator

This department is responsible for the long-term strategy, planning and real-time operation of the networks in England and Wales - ensuring we deliver the highest levels of service for our customers and stakeholders. 

Electricity Transmission

We own the Electricity Transmission network in England and Wales, helping to connect large or small energy projects. Discover how we work with stakeholders to improve our network, and how we're innovating for the future.


This global function empowers National Grid in the increasingly fast-changing energy industry. We are technology thought leaders, focused on the end-user, delivering reliable and secure services and solutions. Join IT and help us adapt, evolve, and innovate to exploit technology opportunities as they arise to benefit all of us.


It's down to this department to make sure all our people, premises and systems stay safe and secure so that National Grid can continue to deliver safe, sustainable and reliable energy services to our customers and communities. As part of the team, you could be helping to manage the risk of both physical and cyber threats which continually evolve and increase in sophistication and persistence, to protect our vital infrastructure.

Gas Transmission (GT)

GT builds, owns and maintains the high-pressure gas network in Great Britain. We bring energy to life by keeping the gas flowing for our customers safely, reliably and economically. 

Global Procurement

National Grid sources £4.3billion in goods and services each year. Global Procurement makes sure we have access to the assets we need to deliver innovation and drive performance - all at an unbeatable value for money.

Human Resources

HR is essential to future performance through sound business insights. Engaging with all areas of the National Grid business, they play a key role in helping us make sound decisions.


Our Legal team play a key role in optimising our commercial performance while ensuring we always operate lawfully and ethically. From advising on transactions to resolving disputes they're integral to our success.

My future

Where will it take me?

As one of our Graduates, you’ll have the chance to start putting your studies into practice. We’ll work with you to shape your foundation of technical knowledge into real practical expertise.

For us to do that, you’ll need to be curious and driven. Ask questions. Be interested. Because the more you ask the more you’ll learn. And the more you learn, the further you’ll go.

On successful completion of your 18/36-month programme, you'll have the opportunity to take on a permanent role within the business area or in the role that you initially applied to.

From there your future is in your hands, we'll work with you to continue building on whole host of new skills, to enable you to succeed in your future.

What’s in it for you?

As one of our Graduates, you’ll play your part in making sure our network is prepared for anything and – in doing so – build a base of incredible experience you couldn’t find anywhere else.

You’ll work with experts in our field, receive world-class training and be provided real responsibility from the start – as well as receiving all the perks of being a National Grid employee.

Rewards and benefits

Graduates joining us will receive a starting salary of £29,254 (Bachelors)/ £30,318 (Masters) and a £2000 joining bonus, plus:

  • 25 days holiday 
  • Up to £200 per month accommodation allowance as you move around the business
  • Higher cost of living allowance (Inner London, Metropolitan and Outer Metropolitan areas)
  • Pension and share-option scheme
  • Close mentorship and regular feedback
  • Flexible Benefits
  • Accredited by the IMechE, IGEM and IET
  • Full study support for CIMA for the Finance roles and CIPS for the Procurement Roles
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • £2,400 completion payment (received at the end of the 18-month programme)
  • Additional annual leave allowance to support moving in between placements
  • Assisted movement of personal belongings in between placements

Application process

Join us

We’re looking for fresh talent and innovative thinking. If you’re passionate about the future of energy and excited by the prospect of working as part of a dynamic, inspiring team then you could be right for National Grid. 

To make sure you end up in the best possible role, we’ve created a 4 part recruitment process with you in mind. You’ll have the chance to demonstrate your skills, natural talents and personality, so we can get to know you a little better – and work out where you would best fit here. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to read the most frequently asked questions and more on the application process.