A real alternative to full-time study

There’s a lot you can learn by going to university but it doesn't need to be full-time. If you know what career direction you want to take, why not start a career whilst also studying at university or college, debt-free, and getting experience under your belt. 

If you’ve completed, or nearly completed, your A-levels/BTEC Level 3 or HNC/HND for example, one of Higher or Degree Apprenticeship Programmes could be the option for you. Through a combination of formal studying and learning how to put what you’ve learnt into practice, you can set your career on the right track. 

What will I be doing?

In the first year of your Higher or Degree Apprenticeship, you will spend time at either the National Training Academy in Eakring, Nottinghamshire, National Grid House, Warwick or St Catherines Lodge, Wokingham completing a variety of training at these sites or via online learning.


You will all begin your knowledge based training that is required for the apprenticeship (this will be with an external vocational or academic provider) and will also begin gathering work-based evidence/completing projects to support your apprenticeship work logs/portfolios. You will also spend time working alongside managers and colleagues, developing a sound understanding of your business area. 

Year two involves continuing with academic qualifications and continuing to build your skills, spending time at our academy centres or Aston University (depending on the programme you choose) and learning on the job with the support of your manager.

Some of our programmes extend over a third or fourth year. You’ll spend most of your time on site, putting your training into practice and setting the foundation you need to go far.

What routes can I take?

Now you know what you’ll be doing as a Higher or Degree Apprentice, discover what different routes you can follow.

Project Controls, Capital Delivery

Planning schedules, managing costs and solving problems: it’s all in a day’s work for our Project Controls team. Every project we execute needs a safe set of hands guiding it from start to finish: as part of this team, you’ll be those hands.

Project Planner, Electricity Transmission

Planning, prioritising and optimising the construction and maintenance of electricity transmission systems. It’s a vital role, and in the Planning team, that’s what you’ll be doing.

Transmission Network Control Centre (TNCC), Electricity Transmission

In the TNCC you will be at the heart of real-time control of the high voltage electricity transmission system in England and Wales. You could be part of our 24/7 Control Room. Or you could be part of our 'day office' team. Most importantly, you will be right on the front line of the electricity industry.

Gas Transmission 

Join us in tackling the climate change challenge by changing the industry from within. You'll join a 4 and a half year development programme where you'll study towards a BEng in an engineering discipline. Read the Aston University programme prospectus here.

Substation, Electricity Transmission

The National Transmission System is monitored and protected by an integrated control system, and you’ll be a specialist in looking after it. Setting maintenance teams to work, commissioning new substation equipment: it’ll be down to you to keep everything shipshape.

Asset Lifecycle, Electricity Transmission

Looking at asset policy, technical specifications and type registration, asset health and technical strategy as well as helping to develop technical solutions to asset replacement and generator connection challenges.

Engineering Services, Electricity Transmission

Providing technical support to Electricity Transmission Operations during maintenance activities, investigating equipment failures, or determining risk mitigation strategies; Transmission Engineers understand the fundamentals of the electricity transmission system, apply them to a wide range of complex equipment types, and have the desire to solve problems.

Power Systems, Electricity System Operator

Keeping things running smoothly, 24/7. It’s an essential task and, as part of our Power System Operations team, it’s what you’ll be doing. Planning and managing the live operation of the UK’s electricity transmission network, you’ll be at the backbone of keeping people connected to energy.


Innovative, reliable and secure, our technology empowers National Grid in a fast-changing energy industry. Our Network team are responsible for the operation and overall availability of our network technology which is used to manage and control gas and electricity flows across England and Wales.  This apprenticeship gives you the chance to learn how IT helps to keep the lights on and the gas flowing, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Are you good with data? Looking for an apprenticeship that provides an opportunity to work with some of the leading technology in data management? Our IT team provide data analysis for the supporting systems that help our business manage gas and electricity flows across England and Wales.

Cyber Security, IT

With the advance of technology, the world we live in is becoming increasingly complex and interconnected – which means that cyber security is more important than ever. Working as part of our dedicated Security team, you’ll play a crucial role in helping us manage cyber risk in the UK and US. There aren’t many roles with the scope and importance of this.

Global Procurement 

National Grid sources £4.3 billion in goods and services each year. Global Procurement makes sure we have access to the assets we need to deliver innovation and drive performance – all at unbeatable value for money.

Gas Transmission Delivery, Capital Delivery

You'll be working towards the role of Project Assurance Controller, where you'll be based on construction sites throughout the country where you will ensure that projects are delivered in accordance with the Technical and Contractual requirements while promoting and monitoring safety, reliability and efficiency on site.

Pipeline Maintenance Centre, Gas Transmission

Historically, our gas has come from the UK continental shelf fields. But with these resources running out fast, we're looking at other supplies and sources, including importing international gas supplies. It's a new phase, making this an even more exciting time to join. 










Trainee Network Analyst, System Operator

Based at the Gas National Control Centre, you will be exposed to new activities and deliver new services and innovative products to the gas industry.-

Trainee Operations Engineer, System Operator

This team is focused around the Electricity National Control Centre in Berkshire. It is responsible for operating Great Britain's electricity transmission network - planning and managing its live operation - they keep things running smoothly 24/7, 365 days a year. 

My future

Where will it take me?

A Higher or Degree Apprenticeship Programme with National Grid is the perfect way to get your career off to a flying start. Once you’ve completed your training, you’ll have the opportunity to put what you’ve learnt into practice while building your skills and working towards certificates and qualifications. Whatever role you choose, the opportunities really are endless.

What’s in it for me?

Earn a competitive salary, acquire a  BEng in an engineering discipline, foundation degree or level 4 qualification and gain valuable practical experience. As a Higher or Degree Apprentice, you’ll receive all this – and be part of an organisation with ambitious, world-changing plans for the future, with you at the heart of them. Below are just some of the many benefits that come with being one of our apprentices.

Rewards and Benefits

  • A starting salary of £24,999(Higher)
  • 25 days’ annual leave plus statutory holidays
  • Full-board accommodation whilst at our academy
  • Pensions and share-option scheme
  • London-weighting allowance 
  • Leisure facilities and events
  • Invitation to join NewNet, our new starters network and employee resource group
  • Close mentorship and regular feedback
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Flexible Benefits & Working

Qualifications Achieved

  • Transmission Network Control Centre, Electricity Network Management & Power System Engineer – Foundation Degree in Electrical Power Engineering (Power Systems Management)
  • Substations – Foundation Degree in Electrical Power Engineering (Transmission)
  • Cyber Security – Level 4 Cyber Security Risk Analyst (Level 4 diploma in IS Security Professional Competence)
  • Project Controls – Level 4 Associate Project Manager (Level 4 APM Diploma in Project Management)
  • Construction Procurement – Level 4 Diploma in Procurement & Supply with the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS)
  • Trainee Network Analyst, Trainee Operations Engineer, Gas Transmission Delivery & Pipeline Maintenance Centre - Gas Transmission Foundation Degree

Frequently asked questions

  • 1 What level of qualification will I achieve at the end of the Higher or Degree Apprenticeship Programme?

    You’ll receive either a BEng in an engineering discipline, a foundation degree or a Level 4 Diploma Qualification, depending on the business area, role or programme you choose to apply for.

  • 2 Where will I study during my Higher or Degree Apprenticeship?

    All our Apprentices begin at our National Training Centre in Eakring, Nottinghamshire. Depending on your apprenticeship, you’ll then either spend time at a local academy centre or two-week blocks at Aston University in Birmingham.

  • 3 Am I guaranteed a job after I complete my Higher or Degree Apprenticeship Programme with National Grid?

    You can be offered a full-time permanent position on successful completion of the programme, depending on the business requirements. We invest in making sure you have the skills and abilities you need to develop a successful career with us – we look to continue to support your career as you develop.

  • 4 Will National Grid support further studies in my specialist area?

    Yes: we’ll help you create a personal-development plan and encourage you to work towards professional registration. We’re also accredited with IET, IMechE and IGEM.

  • 5 Can I apply for a Higher or Degree Apprenticeship Programme if I already have a degree?

    Yes you can. Provided that you have the required qualifications for the apprenticeship, you are welcome to apply. 

  • 6 Can I apply for more than one Higher or Degree Apprenticeship Programme?

    Yes. However, we encourage you to only apply to the roles that you are really suited to and could see yourself enjoying.

    You may also need to complete additional online assessments if applying for more than one role particularly if the roles vary considerably.

How do I apply?

Join us

We’re looking for fresh talent and innovative thinking. If you’re passionate about the future of energy and excited by the prospect of working as part of a dynamic, inspiring team then you could be right for National Grid.

Here’s how to apply

  • Stage 1 Online Application

    Complete the online application form. Your application should take around one hour to complete, but you can save it and return to it later. You can only apply for on programme in your application.

    All you will need is details about yourself, including your educational history, course title and qualification, some knowledge about National Grid and the role you're applying for.

  • Stage 2 Video Interview

    The video interview will consist of a series of questions. You will be asked competency-based questions that look at different elements of your personality and workstyle.

    You'll be able to record and complete your interview anytime and anywhere.

    Consider a space where there's likely to be fewer distractions and in an environment that you feel comfortable in.

    Read Hire Vue’s Video Interview Tips

  • Stage 3 Game-Based Assessments

    Complete a series of short online games that look at different elements of your cognitive, emotional, and social traits.

    You will need access to a device that can connect online and be used in a quiet space.

    Technical difficulties? Visit Hire Vue’s Candidate Support Centre

  • Stage 4 Assessment Centre

    You will be invited to attend one of our assessment centres, where you'll experience a number of exciting activities.

    We will provide more details about the assessment centre closer to the time. We have prepared to hold these either virtually or in person, this will be dependent on current government guidelines at the time.

    Discover how we are responding to Corona Virus