Working for a greener future

The job that can't wait

The effects of climate change impact our lives every day – from the air we breathe, to the food we eat and the world we live in. At National Grid, we run and operate the UK’s energy system, delivering power to every corner of the country. This means we play a central role in helping to solve the challenges facing our climate. It’s why we’re acting today to help build a cleaner, greener Britain. 

We’re investing in transformative engineering and cutting-edge technology to help the country hit its net zero carbon target by 2050.  But to achieve this goal we need the right people. We need people with passion and potential to help us win the race to halt climate change. For us, it is the job that can’t wait. 

Become part of the solution

We can’t deliver on our net zero commitment without a generation of people with the technical expertise and skills to revolutionise green technology. We’re excited to work with people who want to make a difference. Who share our drive and dedication to create cleaner energy solutions that will benefit everyone.

We’re looking for a diverse range of talents. We need the best of British ingenuity to help us address the climate challenge. We need people with creativity, energy, enthusiasm and skills from across every community to help us to do the job that can’t wait.

We need apprentices, undergraduates and graduates, to join us to become the engineers, technicians, cyber security experts and ideas people of the future.

Join us and we’ll help you to realise your potential. We offer world class training, continual professional and personal development and the chance to enjoy a career with real purpose.

Big ambitions

We’ve already made huge steps to address the climate challenge. This year Britain is set to achieve a historic milestone, with more electricity generated from zero carbon sources than fossil fuels. And in May and June 2019 we helped the country go for over 435 hours without coal for the first time since the Industrial Revolution.

These achievements have made us hungry for more. If you’re as excited as we are about making the world a better place, join us to do the job that can’t wait.

The energy revolution

We’re investing billions to upgrade our infrastructure to support a greener future. We’re working on projects across the country and beyond that will ensure we can bring more secure, affordable and renewable energy to everyone.

Join us and help shape the future of energy.

The future of energy

We’re finding new ways to bring energy from renewable sources – wind, water and sun – into our system. Our interconnector projects are snaking hundreds of kilometers of cable beneath the sea to allow us to share clean energy with our European neighbours.

Our London Power Tunnels project, which begins in 2020, will build a new network of cables under the Capital to help power the electric vehicle revolution. Our goal is to ensure that 95% of EV drivers across the country are always within 50 miles of a charging point on our major road networks.

We’re exploring how we can introduce hydrogen gas, which gives off no carbon as it burns, into our pipes to help reduce emissions. We’re funding the Deeside Centre for Innovation (DCI), which will help us to trial and develop new, smart power technologies.

Our goal is that by 2050, we’ll enable a fully decarbonised electricity grid, allowing everyone in the UK to benefit from cleaner, greener and more affordable energy at home, at work and on the road.

You can be part of the energy revolution. Join us to do the job that can’t wait.

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Meet the people doing the job that can’t wait

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    Learn about how we’re finding cleaner ways to power our world

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    Hear more about green careers with purpose

Join us

Every year, we recruit hundreds of people to join us across our business. In September, we’ll be looking for our new wave of apprentices, undergraduates and graduates. This is your chance to begin a career that will put you right at the heart of solving the climate change challenge.

We believe in equipping you with all the skills you need for success. As an apprentice, you’ll learn through a scheme rated as one of the top five in the whole country. All our graduates and apprentices get the chance to hone their skills at our one-of-a-kind, world-class training centre at Eakring in Nottinghamshire.

We welcome people from across the country and from all backgrounds. Come and join us to do the job that can’t wait.

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