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We leverage digital innovative ways to create products and catalyse the transformation of National Grid's business units into more agile and digitally native organisations in our shared purpose of bringing energy to life.

This is an exciting time for the energy sector. As we decarbonise and decentralise our energy system, National Grid is committed to playing a leading role in enabling the transition to clean, fair, and affordable energy. Digitalisation is a key enabler to unlock the benefits of the energy transition for all and we are looking for digital experts to lead the way to a clean, green future with a thriving economy.

Decarbonisation is fundamentally changing the generation mix. Digitalisation facilitates these green technologies through increasing the volume and quality of data sharing via virtual networks, improved analytics, and the development of digital capabilities across the sector. This will only become more important as the energy sector converges with transport, telecoms and other industries, in the drive to full whole system decarbonisation.


Join ngDigital and accelerate technology.

At ngDigital, we're adopting digital technology and digital ways of working for a better future. Come join us and enable the innovation we need to reshape the energy system.

Our people

At ngDigital, we recognise that the true breakthroughs come when you have the right people working on the right projects. Whether your background is in coding, in product management, in strategy or even anywhere in between, our roles cover a broad range of disciplines in support of designing innovative systems and technologies that push the boundaries and business of energy forwards.

Check out a few of our key digital roles, below;


Our digital strategists engage with executives, business leaders, and subject-matter experts to create and craft digital roadmaps that will guide National grid into a digitally-enabled future. leveraging troves of data from across the organisation and from external sources, our strategists also create the business cases and analytical frameworks from which our leaders can make the best-informed decisions on digital priorities and investments

Product Managers

Our product managers orchestrate and optimise the holistic view of our digital products and services. From idea inception through product launch, our product managers intently organise the team as they work collaboratively to build MVPs, conduct product tests, and create real value for the National Grid businesses. These digital leaders in execution drive results by utilising agile philosophies and SCRUM methodologies to ensure rapid iterations in a cohesive and effective manner.

Experience Designers

Our experience designers utilise human-centric methods and tools to understand our users, their pain points, and their goals. Taking end-user inputs from ethnographic studies, real-time user feedback, and behavioural experiments, our designers take a holistic design approach to lead and inform our development teams in crafting the most intuitive and delightful digital experiences.


Our engineers design and build the key components of our digital products and services. Working with the rest of the team, our engineers take the inputs and requirements from the strategists, designers, and product managers to create the actual digital solution that will be used by customers, National Grid employees, or other key stakeholders. These digital problem-solvers build upon a holistic technical knowledge-base across the technology landscape including but not limited to microservices architectures, modern front-end frameworks, DevOps, cloud-native applications, serverless computing, and lightweight container deployments.

Our work

The ngDigital team is proud of the role we are playing in transforming the energy sector and delivering benefits to society - whether that is our product that helps renewable generators connect to the electricity grid, our digital portal that assists our commercial customers to better understand their energy usage and better manage their bills, or our mobile solution that enables our field workers to make better decisions, improve their work rate, and deliver more for our National Grid customers. Learn more about some of the amazing things we're doing.


ConnectNow is our new innovative online application and project management system, streamlining the process of connecting to the grid for customers transitioning to clean energy.

The portal provides transparency across the connection process, allowing customers to view milestones along the way. Customers can check their application progress or a breakdown of their finances in real-time.

ConnectNow helps customers research and choose the best place to connect with detailed guidance to help answer new and existing customers’ key questions. 

For the first time ever in the transmission industry, customers can apply online, see all their projects in one place and much more.

On My Way  

The electric field force relies on a series of manual, paper-based processes involving non-integrated systems to complete work.  To maximize field force utilization and increase data integrity, the electricity business needed a modern solution that offered flexibility across jurisdictions while implementing best practices across the company.  

On My Way is a digital product that transforms the manual process into a digital application for electric field workers to effectively pick up and complete jobs in real-time from their devices.  On My Way seeks to provide a seamless experience for the end-user and produce immediate benefit through its end-to-end integrated system, providing a convenient platform to further scale for the electricity business. 


Optimizing portfolio for the electric business (distribution and transmission) uses a manual process that involves multiple non-integrated systems. To maximize customer benefits and shareholder value in an ever-changing regulatory climate, more sophisticated portfolio planning is necessary. 

FutureNow is a digital product that will allow us to create and manage an integrated TOTEX (capital and maintenance costs combined into one total value) portfolio of work efficiently while we maximize strategic benefits to the dollar. FutureNow will facilitate more accurate and granular project planning and resource balancing. With FutureNow, we will optimise work plans via fact-based data-driven risk modelling. 


​Tree related issues have been the most common cause of distribution power outages. Historically, National Grid has executed a time-cycle based tree pruning program where each feeder is pruned on an approximate five-year cycle. Over time, technologies like satellite imagery, advanced analytics have emerged that allows utilities to identify feeders or sections of feeders that provide the greatest pruning value.  

VMO is a digital product that aims to provide the capability to plan tree pruning activities based on vegetation conditions, using advanced analytics and other available technologies, instead of pruning on fixed time cycles. VMO also seeks opportunities to drive value in the hazard tree program management, in terms of both planning and execution. 

My Business Account (MBA) 

Large commercial and industrial (C&I) customers make up 2% of total accounts served by National Grid but consume 50% of total usage.  While there are many digital initiatives going on that will improve their experience, none are focused on addressing their specific pain points around multi-site management, confusing bills, lack of customization, poor data analytics and lack of effective support. 

As a result, we’re developing a new digital platform called My Business Account.  MBA will deliver a seamless customer experience, addressing the frictions our large commercial and industrial customers face throughout the billing and payment journey.  With My Business Account, we aim to increase C&I customer satisfaction, drive digital adoption, and reduce costs for the business. 

Meet some of the people helping to build a greener future

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    Learn about how we’re finding cleaner ways to power our world

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Our approach

ngDigital provides an opportunity for the energy sector to bring about cost savings for consumers, improve customer experience, enable greater whole system coordination and transparency while accelerating the development and deployment of innovative technologies.

  • A sub-culture that attracts the best talent and the most diverse perspectives.

  • A pipeline of ambitious candidates looking to innovate and drive change.

  • Programs that enable growth and development.

  • Agile sprint teams organised around delivering in 2-week sprints.

  • Kanban board product planning and progress tracking.

  • Feedback loops to collect and incorporate actual user inputs into the next iteration.

We welcome people from across the country and from all backgrounds. Come and join us to do drive National Grid's digital transformation.

Frequently asked questions

  • 1 What’s the career development trajectory and career development plan for the digital team at National Grid?

    We have developed detailed career ladders for each of our functional cohorts – product management, design, and engineering. Alongside those career ladders, we have functional skills matrices to help evaluate digital team members. We are developing learning and development programs across all of our functional cohorts to ensure we have the right foundation for long-term employee development.


  • 2 Where is National Grid in terms of scaling the digital organisation? How much progress has been made?

    After successfully launching ‘digital lighthouse’ products, we are now working on scaling a full product-led operating model across the organization. This includes transforming our org and operating model to better support cross-functional product teams and digital ways of working. This includes transforming existing value streams into actual product lines that combine to deliver portfolio value. We have started to roll out the product operating model in multiple business units, and we will be rolling it out across the entire organization over the next six months.


  • 3 What are National Grid’s technology capabilities? Will I have to deal with legacy systems and technology?

    You will be stepping into a legacy technology environment in need of modernization. The good news is that we initiated a new technology strategy and operating model called GridStack, a suite of platform products and services designed to make building digital products as smooth as possible. The GridStack platform includes products for Infrastructure-as-Code, continuous testing and deployment, API management, and modular data services, and more. We have kicked off our GridStack MVP and will be rapidly scaling across the organization through 2022 and on an enduring basis with dedicated platform and data engineering teams.

  • 4 What product(s) will I be working on?

    We have a growing portfolio of digital products across our business units and group functions.  When you join the team, we look at the pipeline of demand and do our best to assign team members to opportunities that address our regulatory commitments (how we generate revenue), and provide value to our customers, our employees, and other key stakeholders. When mapping team members to products, we take into account particular functional skills that meet the needs of particular products, as well as individual growth opportunities whenever possible. Examples of products you might find yourself working include: helping renewable energy generators connect to the grid efficiently, smart meter IoT products that help customers reduce their carbon footprint, predictive analytics to ensure safety and reliability of the electric grid, and vegetation management solutions powered by satellite data. And that’s just Horizon 1! As you continue to generate momentum, other exploration zones include Wireless Electric Transmission, Carbon Capture & Abatement, Next-Generation Energy Storage, and Distributed Energy Resource Management as a Service.

Application process

Join us

We’re looking for fresh talent and innovative thinking. If you’re passionate about the future of energy and excited by the prospect of working as part of a dynamic, inspiring team then you could be right for National Grid. 

Here’s how to apply

  • Stage 1 Online Application

    You’ve seen and heard the fireworks! National Grid is hyped about their Digital Team, and you’re interested. To be formally considered, complete the online application form.

    All you will need is details about yourself, including your educational history, outstanding achievements, and some knowledge about National Grid and the role you're applying for.

  • Stage 2 Interview

    One of our expert Digital Recruiters will contact you for an initial screening to share more about the opportunity and get to know you a little more.

    If there’s a match between your career goals and skills and what we can offer, Interviews are the next step. These will be held with the Hiring Manager and their interview team, who are all very keen to dig deeper into why you want to join the Digital Acceleration at National Grid.

  • Stage 3 Feedback

    We want to make sure you’re happy with the role and we’re happy for you to join National Grid, that’s why the offer decision process can take a little time. However, we can offer you feedback at this stage, so please ask.


  • Stage 4 Onboarding

    You will then go through the onboarding process, where offer paperwork will find its way to you, pre-employment checks will be kick-started and the final steps of onboarding will take place, before…

    CONGRATULATIONS you have started your new career in Digital at National Grid. We’ll ask you for a short bio so we can properly introduce you to the wider team.

    Welcome, and we can’t wait to meet you.

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