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Big challenges, big budgets, big ideas: if you're a procurement professional who wants to be noticed, National Grid Global Procurement is the place to be. Our award-winning department, one of the largest in the Midlands, offers you the opportunity to shine. We source £4.3billion worldwide of goods and services each year to support the business and what's more we help to drive value, deliver innovation and improve supply chain performance. When it comes to learning all about Procurement, National Grid is the place to be. Being part of Global Procurement gives you the opportunity to access a wealth of training resources, to learn from the experienced team, develop your skills and grow your career. With so many talented professionals moving up the ranks, we need to boost our team with bright, enthusiastic recruits.

Why it matters

National Grid is at the heart of the energy we all use, we get the nation to work, power schools and heat our homes. Our energy network connects the nation, so it's essential that it's continually evolving, advancing and improving. That means a huge programme of capital investment and a diverse range of major, strategic sourcing projects. From connections for new offshore wind-farms to ink for thousands of office printers, we aim to deliver best value to the business.

Why energy

The efficiencies you drive don’t just matter to us. Because energy is vital to people and businesses up and down the country, they matter to everyone. On top of that, there’s the sheer variety of the work you could do. From purchasing environmental services to seabed surveys, scaffolding to electrical testing, telecommunications to car fleets, the range of goods and services National Grid buys is as diverse as it is challenging. You’ll build specialist expertise in sourcing, managing and delivering high-profile, high-value, highly complex contracts. And you’ll develop a flair for analysing and exploiting economies of scale – something that’s fundamental to the way our Procurement team operates.

Need more reasons to join the team?

Need more reasons to join the team?

Here in our Procurement department – one of the biggest in the Midlands – you'll have every opportunity to use your skills to the full. We push for excellence wherever we can, which is why we've won so many awards. Everything from the CIPS Awards 2015, to Responsible Business of the Year 2014. You'll help us go even further – while doing the same for your career.

National Grid has adopted "Performance Excellence" as our universal way of working, embedding continuous improvement techniques into business as usual. Global Procurement are using these new tools and techniques to improve processes, drive performance and better meet the needs of our stakeholders and you could be part of it.

Join National Grid and help us strive for performance excellence: The best people to improve procedures are those who use them. So our whole Procurement team pitched in to rebuild our Strategic Sourcing process. With the help of business colleagues, we wrote a new process that reduces the process cycle time and empowers the Procurement team to tailor events to best meet business needs.

If you’re looking to hone your skills with a view to a move into management, a role in National Grid can help you develop. Our award-winning department – offers the ideal opportunity to use and enhance your talents through high-level responsibility. In our department in the last 12 months 14 people have been promoted from within and many more have taken rotational moves to help with their development. Big spends, broad scope, great opportunities; here at National Grid.

Take pride in everything that you do... National Grid is at the heart of energy in the UK. The energy we deliver gets the nation to work, powers schools and heats our homes. We connect the nation, so it's essential that it's continually evolving, advancing and improving. That's why we need the very best people to join the Procurement team, a team that touches every part of national grid delivering a diverse range of goods and services.

Where we're going

Where we're going

National Grid Global Procurement is accountable for delivering value through our diverse, global supply base:

Ambition elements:

  • We will deliver value to our stakeholders with a highly capable team which in turn helps them achieve their goals
  • We will develop clear sourcing strategies for all our stakeholders to optimize the value of the goods and services they buy
  • We will proactively identify innovation and other sources of value that help our stakeholders
  • Procurement will optimize value delivered from all key suppliers and contracts


  • End to end processes that we operate will be simple, flexible, agile, easy to use and "the path of least resistance"

what we're looking for

and our assessment process

Procurement handles complex contracts and projects on a massive scale. It's challenging work that involves high-value bid negotiations and demands a talent for relationship-building. We look for highly analytical, target-driven, commercially minded people with a strong appreciation of procurement processes, strategic sourcing and category management. On top of that, you'll need to be a skilled communicator and negotiator. And, for our more senior roles, have substantial experience at a strategic level, a record of delivering multifaceted projects and a flair for stakeholder management.

  1. Proven, relevant procurement experience
  2. Strong communication, negotiation and relationship-building skills
  3. A flair for analysis

We need to ensure our people have the right capabilities in order to deliver against our business objectives. We’ve created a fair, consistent and future-focused approach to enable us to resource our business for our immediate and future needs.

Our assessment process ensures that we achieve this in an objective manner and that we give all candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

The specific process for each role varies based on the key requirements of the role. Typically there’ll be an interview, and for some roles it may be of benefit to undertake another exercise such as a presentation or case study.

All our roles are aligned to our Resourcing Assessment Framework which enables us to assess candidates consistently across the organisation. This encompasses the differentiating capabilities and values that are important to us as an organisation.

Meet our team

Wherever you join us in the Procurement Team, you'll find a wide variety of dedicated professionals with a broad range of experience - and opportunities to match aspirations. Find out what a few of our team say about their experiences below.

I'm a Senior Category Manager within Global Procurement

Donna Hicks

I'm the Head of UK Direct Procurement

Simon Harnett

I joined National Grid Global Procurement as a Graduate in 2014

Claire Huxley

I'm a Senior Buyer in the NRB team

Tom Hannah

I'm a Category Manager for the Non-Regulated business

Nicola Thomas

I'm Head of Engineering and Assurance in the Non-Regulated Business

Steven Vallender

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