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Work in our portfolio of non-regulated businesses and you’ll play a key role in the UK energy value chain operating across gas and electricity markets, serving many of the largest names in the UK energy industry. You’ll learn about some of Britain’s most state of the art infrastructure facilities, across a diverse portfolio of businesses operating in competitive markets, namely the largest LNG liquefaction terminal in Europe, two subsea interconnectors linking the UK to France and the Netherlands, the management and maintenance of over 14m industrial, commercial and domestic gas meters across the UK and the introduction of a new Smart metering business.

Why it matters

The UK is facing a period of unprecedented change with the government’s introduction of carbon reduction and renewable energy targets. Each of the NRB businesses play a role in facilitating the achievement of these targets, and will use innovation to adapt to this changing landscape and develop opportunities for the growth of low carbon energy sources.

Our interconnectors offer diversity of electricity supply sources for the UK, particularly from low carbon sources in the EU, and significantly contribute to the security of our energy supply. Our LNG facility plays a key role in meeting an increasing UK demand, and the gas and electricity meters in the homes of our customer’s end-consumers and local businesses keep the lights on and the gas flowing, and as we move into a future of smart metering, NRB aims to be at the forefront of this new technology.

Why energy

With energy demand growing globally, it’s the perfect time to join the industry. NRB are at the forefront of innovation and we are rising to the UK’s challenge of securing sustainable energy solutions that are greener than ever before. Join us and be a part of shaping the future of energy.

where we're hiring

+ Industrial and Commercial Metering

Modern and accurate metering equipment is vital to the operation of an effective power distribution network. Join our ICM team and you’ll be responsible for delivering properly-planned, appropriately risk-managed systems to our industrial and commercial customers, both as part of regular contract work and during emergencies. We're always looking for ways to continually improve the service we provide, staying at the forefront of innovative technological solutions.

+ Domestic Metering

Domestic metering involves over thirteen million sites across Britain. We install, repair, exchange and remove equipment, as well as managing positive relationships with both end-users and with the energy companies who make up our customer base. Our close-knit domestic metering team work in both customer-facing and head office roles, and benefit from substantial learning and development opportunities.

+ Grain LNG

National Grid’s world-class liquid natural gas terminal on the Isle of Grain in Kent is the leading facility of its kind in the UK, supplying up to twenty per cent of the UK’s demand. As an independent operator, we connect a high-volume, reliable supply to Europe’s biggest customers. Working at our 600-acre site means taking on responsibility for over one million cubic metres of tank space and a ‘best-in-class’ safety record.

+ Interconnectors

The security and stability of the UK’s energy supply is reinforced by interconnection to the transmission systems of both France and the Netherlands. This pan-European network also serves to facilitate competition and integrate renewable sources into national supplies. Our interconnectors team works to influence and understand energy policy at a European level, as well as constructing and developing assets and products on behalf of our customers and seeking constantly to improve the service that we deliver.

+ Smart

National Grid Smart is our newly launched business that underpins the group’s strategy and commitment to respond to the Governments Smart Meter Implementation Programme, and the  obligation that is passed on to our customers (Energy Suppliers). We offer a nationwide, fully managed dual-fuel end-to-end smart meter service into the Domestic metering market. From asset financing and installation to managed logistics and customer communications, we work tirelessly to design and deliver the right smart solution that facilitates a superior customer experience for both energy supplier and customer.

What we’ve achieved so far

What we’ve achieved so far

NRB has built a unique identity and culture based on delighting customers and creating the agility to respond to market changes. Our strengths include;

  • Outstanding safety performance, with a commitment to pursue improvements and reduce risk
  • Strong customer relationships that result in excellent promoter scores across the business
  • Consistently performing above our contracted KPI standards in our service delivery
  • High levels of employee retention and a track record of developing people and talent
Where we’re going

Where we’re going

Our upcoming major projects include the construction of two additional interconnectors, linking us to Belgium and Norway and we have recently introduced a new Smart metering business, which aims to provide a fully managed, nationwide smart delivery model that facilitates a superior customer experience for both energy supplier and customer.

what we're looking for

and our assessment process

NRB needs to ensure it is ready and has the capabilities to accept the new ventures into the entity portfolio. Our people are our most valuable asset and we support them to be the best they can be. We’re looking for people with the creativity and originality to drive progress, highly engaged individuals who can deliver to the highest standards, in a fast paced, commercial environment. In return, you will work for a unique and exciting part of National Grid, with a culture that encourages innovation and invests in your personal development. 

  1. Creativity
  2. Originality to drive progress
  3. Ambition to deliver to the highest standards

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