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What we do

Architecting, implementing, managing and securing all of National Grid’s IT systems. That’s what IS is responsible for. The systems in question range from an app on a smartphone to the realtime energy balancing management systems that keep energy flowing to homes across Great Britain and most of the US Eastern Seaboard. It calls for close working relationships with a host of global IT delivery partners – from product and service providers like Hewlett Packard, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Apple to system integrators such as Accenture, Deloitte and EY. We also work with security agencies, including the FBI, CIA, MI5 and MI6, to protect our network from cyber attack.

Why it matters

If our systems go down, the lights go out. We can’t let them fail. And because we know businesses and countries depend on us, we’re just as quality conscious about a £10k app for an iPhone as we are for a £500million+ systems implementation. The engine room that keeps everything humming is Service Delivery. But making sure that all our live systems operate smoothly is no small task. We have over a billion pounds of IT assets operating at any one time, supporting 28,000 employees across different time zones.

Why energy

As an industry leader in utilities, we have unique experience in deregulated complex energy markets across generation, transmission, distribution, system operator and retail for both gas and electricity. This puts IS in a powerful position within the IT sector. What’s more, it means you can gain broad experience plus exposure to the many external industry and research organisations keen to tap into our expertise.

Where we're going

Where we're going

National Grid's enterprise IS services are delivered by a collaboration of some of the best suppliers in the marketplace. Through 2015 we're strengthening the Service Integration and Management team (SIAM) who are responsible for the coordination and integration of these suppliers into good end-to-end services. They will support the critical needs of the National Grid businesses.

what we're looking for

and our assessment process

Most of our employees work as Enterprise Architects. They scope new services, conceptualising and translating business needs into IT language. But you’ll need more than technical expertise. People skills are vital too if you’re to successfully handle a high volume of projects, big budgets, tight timescales and multiple stakeholders. And so you can secure the right funding, you must be skilled in strategic and investment planning. A background in Lean, Prince orSix Sigma wouldn’t go amiss either.

  1. Technical know-how
  2. Strong communication and relationship-management skills
  3. Analytical skills to pinpoint business needs

We need to ensure our people have the right capabilities in order to deliver against our business objectives. We’ve created a fair, consistent and future-focused approach to enable us to resource our business for our immediate and future needs. Our assessment process ensures that we achieve this in an objective manner and that we give all candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

The specific process for each role varies based on the key requirements of the role. Typically there’ll be an interview, and for some roles it may be of benefit to undertake another exercise such as a presentation or case study.

All our roles are aligned to our Resourcing Assessment Framework which enables us to assess candidates consistently across the organisation. This encompasses the differentiating capabilities and values that are important to us as an organisation.

  1. Technical capability – qualifications, knowledge, experience – and their application – based on the technical requirements of each role
  2. Skills, capability and behaviours based on the level of role and the key skills that are required for effective performance in that role
  3. Leadership qualities for our more senior roles

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