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What we do

Gas System Operation is responsible for the real time safe & efficient operation and control of the National Gas Transmission System (NTS) in Great Britain 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and for facilitating efficient operation of the GB Gas Market.

In achieving these aims we operate in line with statutory obligations on safe operating limits of the network as well as on the quality of the gas we transport across it. This is becoming all the more challenging as we adapt to the changing sources of gas; moving away from traditional North Sea supplies to ones from the continent and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from around the world. We actively support customers by providing the capacity and flexibility on the network when they need it and when it's safe and efficient to do so. We also provide them with critical information and data to allow them to make effective and efficient decisions as they carry out their role.

To perform against this range of obligations we put in place effective operational strategies, policies and procedures. To create these we work closely with other parts of National Grid and customers in planning and delivering access to the NTS for maintenance and construction. We develop and manage high performing and resilient IS systems that meet evolving requirements, and develop and train our people to carry out the demanding roles that are required.

Why it matters

Homes and businesses up and down the country rely on one thing. A safe, secure energy supply. And to make sure they get it, we need keep evolving and changing our network.

Safety matters to everyone and when you're transporting gas it's the number one priority. That's why we carry out regular inspections and continuously maintain the network.

Today, as supply and demand becomes increasingly volatile, National Grid, is at the heart of one of the greatest challenges facing society – delivering a reliable and sustainable supply of energy to support Britain's requirements long into the future.

Why Gas System Operation

At the heart of Great Britain's gas transmission infrastructure is the Gas National Control Centre also known as the GNCC. The GNCC operates the National Transmission System and ensures the correct gas pressures, flow rates, temperatures and gas quality are continually maintained.

Gas System Operation will continue to operate and support the development of safe and reliable networks, and help to develop sustainable, innovative and affordable energy solutions

Join us and you'll be part of shaping the future of energy. Adapting to the network as it develops, you'll help us transition to a low carbon economy. And you'll make sure our innovation is matched by one thing – an outstanding focus on safety.


What we've achieved

What we've achieved

We safely, reliably and efficiently operate the National Transmission System on behalf of our customers and in line with our statutory and commercial obligations.

Last year we responded to over half a million requests from our directly connected customers to flow gas onto and off the Transmission System.

Every single day we deliver gas where it's needed and at the pressures required by our customers at over 200 Exit Points from our network.


Last year we provided safe access to the Transmission Network so that over 350 major maintenance and construction activities could be carried out.


We receive over 500 million requests for data from our website each year. That's over 1.5 million requests every single day.

We safely manage pressures typically between 70 and 95 bar (the average car tyre is 2 bar) in over 7,500km of transmission pipelines.

The gas transported through the National Transmission System on a cold winter day could fill over 250,000 hot air balloons.

Where we're going

Where we're going

With both supply and demand becoming more dynamic and unpredictable, we need to make sure we have proper operational control. That way, we'll always be able to ensure a safe, secure and reliable supply to our customers.

And that's not all. We also need to continue to assess risk and act fast to achieve the best operational and commercial outcomes for our customers. To facilitate this we are currently developing and delivering new control systems and toolkits so our staff can meet the challenging times ahead.

what's it like?

hear from our employees

Adam, Operations Engineer GNCC

I've benefited from a fantastic development plan since starting at National Grid, which has lead me to my dream job – Operations Engineer on shift in the Gas National Control Centre, right at the heart of the gas industry. I love every aspect of this role. It covers a wide range of challenging activities and feeds into so much of what National Grid does. The icing on the cake is the people I work with. It's a great team and they've really made me feel at home.

Karen, System Planning Officer

I first joined Gas System Operation (GSO) because I really wanted to understand more about the core operation of National Grid Transmission.  In the 3 years I have been here, I've had the opportunity to work on some really large and challenging projects – it's great to see the output in some of our operations. I know I'll never get bored at National Grid as there's always something new to learn or try.

Kirsty, Operational Performance Analyst

My sister-in-law works for National Grid and I'd heard nothing but positive comments about the company.  So when I got the opportunity to work here I jumped at the chance and have not been disappointed!  I enjoy working in the fast-paced operational environment – no two days are the same and there's always something new to learn about the business. Managers are friendly and easy to work with and there's also a strong focus on personal development.

Richard, Principal Commercial Developer

A career in Gas System Operation offers you roles at the heart of the energy industry. In developing our regulatory incentive schemes, I've had the chance to represent the company in the wider industry. Plus I've had the opportunity to work with the regulator to devise and develop schemes that drive our future business operations.

what we're looking for

and our assessment process

It's important that the Transmission System Network is run properly. This means we need people who are both technically skilled and ambitious enough to make change happen.

Operations Engineer

We are looking for skilled Engineers to help deliver and support the safe, reliable and efficient operation of the gas transportation system both now and into the future. You will have a recognised engineering or technical qualification (HNC or degree level) or equivalent, in an appropriate engineering/numerate discipline. Engineering Council accreditation (IEng or CEng) or working towards this is preferred.

Commercial Analyst

Join us as a Commercial Analyst and it'll be your responsibility to put a framework and strategy in place that'll allow Gas System Operation to support its performance objectives. Ideally you'll be educated to degree level, preferably with a numerate degree (or equivalent experience). You'll have a proven track record of providing innovative solutions that enhance the customer experience and you might even have an appreciation of lean principles. Experience of managing customers will be a plus, as will the ability to analyse customer data to inform decision-making

  1. Experience leading, owning and delivering projects
  2. Subject matter expertise and the ability to interpret requirements
  3. Ability to deliver and implement solutions
  4. Strong stakeholder management, customer engagement and influencing skills

Our assessment process

We need to ensure our people have the right capabilities in order to deliver against our business objectives. We've created a fair, consistent and future-focused approach to enable us to resource our business for our immediate and future needs. Our assessment process ensures that we achieve this in an objective manner and that we give all candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

The specific process for each role varies based on the key requirements of the role. Typically there'll be an interview, and for some roles it may be of benefit to undertake another exercise such as a presentation or case study.

All our roles are aligned to our Resourcing Assessment Framework which enables us to assess candidates consistently across the organisation. This encompasses the differentiating capabilities and values that are important to us as an organisation.

  1. Interview at National Grid House, Warwick, lasting up to 90 minutes
  2. For Network Analyst roles, online psychometric tests will need to be completed prior to interview

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