What we do

Numbers are behind everything at National Grid. Scrutinised, analysed and interpreted, they help us understand where we are and where we’re going. How to drive the performance of the business. How to give our customers what they need. How to make us more efficient. Which is why our Finance function is so important. We are the stewards of the business who get them to do more, to aim higher, to get decisions right. Joining our team of experts, you can expect plenty of responsibility and even more influence – improving performance and making sure our future adds up.

Why it matters

Big budgets have to be invested wisely. And big decisions can’t be made without accurate evidence. Providing the right people with the right information, we make the right investments at the right time. Ultimately, that improves the business, keeps the gas flowing and the lights on. All at the lowest cost for our customers and the greatest return for our shareholders.

Why energy

With the demand for energy growing globally, it’s the perfect time to be part of the industry. And with National Grid at the forefront of innovation, there’s no better time to join us. You could use your finance expertise anywhere. But supporting a service that’s vital to people and businesses up and down the country, you’ll be making a much bigger difference than with any other company – one that has an impact on everyone.

What we've achieved

What we've achieved

With our advice and guidance sought on a daily basis, Finance is at the heart of National Grid and in the perfect position to drive the future. That’s why we’re always looking to adapt and improve. And why, over the last few years, we’ve invested in a number of exciting initiatives and enjoyed some impressive achievements.

Read on for a few examples.

Driving the figures

During 2013/14, Finance helped the wider company to deliver £2.5 billion operating profit and over £2 billion of capital investment in the UK.

Feeling secure

We’ve helped negotiate a new regulatory deal in the UK energy market, giving us more certainty over our revenue for the next eight years.

Improved performance

By introducing visual management and lean focus into what we do and how we do it, we’re making Performance Excellence central to our way of working.

A stronger operation

To improve our core processes and drive value, we’ve introduced a world-class operating model that will support tactical and strategic challenges.

A well-rounded team

We’re not only developing our people as finance experts. We’re also helping them boost their commercial know-how and build their profile throughout the business.

Where we're going

Where we're going

With the move towards renewable generation and developments in the energy industry, our business is changing. And Finance is changing with it. For that we have to be energetic and brave.

Read on for a few ways that we plan to go about it.

Quicker, better, leaner

We’ll focus on driving our processes harder and working closer with the business to deliver improved benefits. We want to be proud of where we work, what we do and how we do it.

Change programme

Our RIIO regulatory deal rewards innovation and challenges the whole company to act differently. As part of this, Finance will be supporting the business to become the best that we can be.

Prove our worth

Working as one team, we’ll go from being a safe pair of hands to a vital part of the end-to-end process. And we’ll do it by working to the highest standard and moving the business forward.

what's it like?

hear from our employees

Hannah, Management Accountant

I started out at Ernst & Young and became a Chartered Accountant, but as soon as I started at National Grid I felt part of the team. I enjoy networking with other finance teams both inside and outside of my day-to-day role. Plus, the company’s great perks mean I can keep up a fantastic work/life balance.

Darren, Head of Finance

I love the sheer scale of National Grid because there’s always more to learn and do – in fact I doubt I’ll ever come close to understanding exactly how everything works! I’ve been promoted twice in less than eight years, proof that if you grasp the huge number of chances on offer, there is no limit to how far you can go.

Jenny, Management Accountant

After three years at Jaguar Land Rover, I took the plunge and decided to change industry. Now I’m in a regulated business environment at National Grid, I get the chance to learn brand new skills and take on complex projects. Because every day here means facing another exciting challenge, I’m confident that my future in finance is bright.

Vicki, Head of Finance

I qualified as a Chartered Accountant at KPMG but moved into industry and am now a Senior Business Partner to the business. National Grid is known for being a progressive, supportive employer, so I saw this move as a fantastic chance to work in a large FTSE 100 company with like-minded people knowing I could take my career to where it is today.

Tom, Finance Business Partner

I joined National Grid because I wanted to work on meaningful projects where I could really see the impact of my contribution. And that’s exactly what I got. Now I spend each day with a fun and supportive group of colleagues, in the knowledge I will be recognised and rewarded for delivering quality work that really makes a difference.

Richard, Financial Controller

I knew a career at National Grid would never be static – before I’d even started we had talked about what my next role might be elsewhere in the business! Since then I’ve changed job every two or three years, doing everything from reviewing investment and acquisition opportunities in the Finance team to regulatory price reviews in the Regulatory team.

what we're looking for

and our assessment process


To join our Finance Management team, you’ll need to be a qualified accountant with proven management experience and a background of influencing business agendas. It’s not important where you’ve come from. But you’ll certainly be able to demonstrate how you’ve made changes and improvements. And equipped with a comprehensive development plan and extensive training, you’ll soon take the next step in your career – delivering to your full potential.


Staff levels are for those who are qualified or part qualified and studying and have worked as individual contributors and key team members in established businesses. Focused on a particular business area you will be a specialist in your chosen role, delivering high quality information, advice and support as needed. You will have a comprehensive development plan, ensuring you can reach your full potential, as well as a support network through your peers, team and leadership.


  1. Substantial managerial experience
  2. Comfortable working with complex information 
  3. Enjoy working with others to achieve their goals
  1. Some staff management or stakeholder experience
  2. Qualified, have relevant professional experience, with a real focus on producing high-quality work
  3. A proactive self-starter with a real thirst for knowledge


Weekly assessment process

We believe that recognising the best talent means assessing it thoroughly. It also means making sure the candidate is the right fit for the team and the company. So with that in mind, our assessment process is designed to recognise your personal skills and strengths, while mapping them to National Grid values, finance competencies and behavioural indicators.

Your details will be screened within a week of your application and you may be asked to complete an online numerical test. If successful, you’ll then be asked to attend one of our selection events. You’ll be asked to complete an online personality questionnaire before attending.



This event is designed to assess your reactions to a number of exercises, including an interview, case study and chance to meet some of our finance leaders. It’ll last a full day.

If you’re successful at the selection event stage, you’ll then be invited in to meet with one of our Heads of Finance. This isn’t a formal interview. Simply a chance for you to explore the role being offered to you and the team you’ll work in.

If you’re made an offer, a member of the resourcing team will support you through the onboarding process and welcome you to National Grid.


We need to ensure our people have the right capabilities in order to deliver against our business objectives. We’ve created a fair, consistent and future-focused approach to enable us to resource our business for our immediate and future needs. Our assessment process ensures that we achieve this in an objective manner and that we give all candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

All our roles are aligned to our Resourcing Assessment Framework which enables us to assess candidates consistently across the organisation. This encompasses the differentiating capabilities and values that are important to us as an organisation.

  1. Technical capability – qualifications, knowledge, experience – and their application – based on the technical requirements of each role
  2. Skills, capability and behaviours based on the level of role and the key skills that are required for effective performance in that role
  3. Leadership qualities for our more senior roles

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