What we do

Analysis is all about understanding the huge range of technical or commercial challenges we face, then coming up with inventive, strategic solutions that help us overcome them. It calls for big, broad thinking. A flair for problem-solving. And a talent for explaining ideas and conclusions in simple, accessible ways. You might be looking at how best to supply energy for predicted spikes in usage or identifying the types of power we should be harnessing for the future; planning future system upgrades or reinforcing the security of the network. But whatever you’re tackling, you’ll manage complex data sets, forecast against modelling simulations and use advanced analytical techniques. And the strategic solutions you develop will have a real impact on the UK’s energy industry.

Why it matters

Our recommendations and solutions inform business strategy and drive better value for National Grid and our users. But our work is about much more than that. Quite simply, the analysis we do creates change for the better. It shapes a future we can all look forward to.

Why energy

You’ll be right at the heart of the UK energy debate, influencing high profile, high impact projects and making headline news. As we’re a global leader in innovation, your work will help set national and international standards, informing renewable energy projects and developments around the world.

What we've achieved

What we've achieved

A joint venture between National Grid and Scottish Power,  the £1 billion Western Link will help to bring renewable energy from Scotland to homes and businesses in Wales and England. Our analysts researched and built the economic justification for our investment in this project, highlighting the direct impact on consumers and what would be in their best interests.

Our Analysts have been critical in forecasting Future Energy Scenarios. Their ability to generate and analyse research, and to validate the numbers, enables them to make educated predictions that help the energy industry gear up to meet future demand.

Most of our work as analysts is focused on consumers and involves all the main energy bodies, power distribution companies and utility suppliers. Based on need, the costs, where the energy comes from and the Low Carbon and Green objectives, we’ve help to open the market up to competition. 

Where we're going

Where we're going

You’ll be defining the future of the network and the energy industry. And so you’ll feel totally empowered to challenge the way things are done and make impactful recommendations and decisions, we’re investing heavily in performance and technical training. The aim is to equip you to achieve our most ambitious goals.

what we're looking for

and our assessment process

Whether you join us from university or with loads of experience, you’ll love interrogating and interpreting data, and using it to influence decisions. Some roles call for a degree in a STEM subject or experience of electricity transmission systems. But whatever your responsibilities, you’ll need to be a creative problem-solver and original thinker – someone who can bring flair and imagination to the analytical process.

  1. Numeracy and analytical skills that are second to none
  2. The confidence and communication skills to give engaging presentations
  3. The ability to build strong relationships and influence others

We need to ensure our people have the right capabilities in order to deliver against our business objectives. We’ve created a fair, consistent and future-focused approach to enable us to resource our business for our immediate and future needs. Our assessment process ensures that we achieve this in an objective manner and that we give all candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

The specific process for each role varies based on the key requirements of the role. Typically there’ll be an interview, and for some roles it may be of benefit to undertake another exercise such as a presentation or case study.

All our roles are aligned to our Resourcing Assessment Framework which enables us to assess candidates consistently across the organisation. This encompasses the differentiating capabilities and values that are important to us as an organisation.

  1. Technical capability – qualifications, knowledge, experience – and their application – based on the technical requirements of each role
  2. Skills, capability and behaviours based on the level of role and the key skills that are required for effective performance in that role
  3. Leadership qualities for our more senior roles

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