Starting salary - Advanced Apprenticeships: £15,915 - Higher Apprenticeships and Engineering Training Programme: £23,500

At National Grid, we connect the dots, taking gas and electricity to where it’s needed most. Together, we impact the lives of everybody in the UK. Light, sound, warmth, movement – by bringing energy to people’s fingertips, we make things happen. Without us, life as we know it would grind to a halt. Today, we’re finding smart solutions to a range of increasingly complex challenges, like cutting greenhouse gases, finding new sources of power, and delivering low carbon energy in an affordable, sustainable ways. From production to consumption, the world of energy is changing beyond recognition. That’s why there’s never been a more exciting time to join our industry.

Our range of apprenticeships and engineer training programmes give you an excellent start, developing your skills through a mix of practical work and academic study.

Take a look below for all of our Apprentice opportunities and see our working here section for some of the benefits you can enjoy.

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  • Our Advanced Apprenticeships do not open for applications until Monday 10th October, please check out our other Apprentice opportunities or come back then to find out more and apply.

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